About Us

Last Updated: April. 30, 2020

Homeorizon.com is an online global homeopathic destination for Homeopathic professionals, students and common public. Our mission is to bring evidence based homeopathy to the mainstream. The internet today is filled with a myriad of resources and choosing the authentic relevant data from it is very difficult. Homeorizon.com helps you in distinguishing useful data from junk information. We provide authentic homeopathy knowledge and resources accessible to all physicians and students.

Homeorizon.com is a global project to unite homeopaths from all over the world to bring recognition to scientific homeopathy. We provide comprehensive clinical information with homeopathic expert perspectives essential for all homeopathic professionals. We work together to provide free content and services for practitioners, students and common public. The theme behind is, that the more people join hands the faster we can achieve our goal and the higher we can reach.

So we call upon all the homeopathic fraternity to stand with us and contribute to enrich homeopathy through Homeorizon.com.

Contact Information

You can contact us at mail@homeorizon.com.

Homeopathic Horizon E-journal

Guided by our aim of providing collective information on a single platform for all homeopathy lovers we release monthly E-journal by the title of ‘HomeopathicHorizon’ E-journal where we share with our global viewers Content based articles and cases.