Historical Documents

This section includes Homeopathic articles and cases worth amassing. These works by our stalwarts are very useful for frequent references and every time you go through them you find something new. This will be helpful for both students as well as practitioners; the more you go through them the more you grow. This is a compilation work and we invite our readers to help in this noble job by sending us any such work from their personal collections to share with all of us.

Cure and Prevention of Scarlet Fever

Posted in Historical Documents, Organon, on May 01, 2020 by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann,

This pamphlet was published at Gotha in 1801. This was one of the first works of Dr. Hahnemann wherein he discussed the role of Homeopathic Medicines in Curing and preventing Epidemics. In this paper he discussed the symptoms of then prevalent epidemic of Scarlet Fever and how to use Belladona as preventive for it.