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Rare Nosodes & Bowel Nosodes: Utility and Indications

Jul 10, 2020 | Materia Medica, | by Dr. Subrata K. Bannerjea,


Dr. Subrata K. Bannerjea Principal, Allen College Of Homoeopathy, Essex, England

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Editor's Note

This paper discusses the scope of Nosodes according to Homeopathy principles. It also discusses indications and utility of Bowel Nosodes.


The broad general indications of the nosodes are given hereunder:

  1. Totality of Symptoms: On the indications of the actual symptoms of each nosode i.e. on symptom similarity and totality.
  2. Intercurrent Action: For assisting the effect of the main remedy in certain cases, both acute and chronic, where the indicated medicine does not act.
  3. One-sided Diseases with Paucity of Symptoms : For initiating the treatment in conditions where the indications for any regular remedy are very few, too few for a good prescription to be made, especially in one-sided diseases, in such cases nosodes do have the capability to open up the case.
  4. For Arranging the Symptoms: In cases where there are indications for many medicines, but none of them shows a clear picture.
  5. Miasmatic Blockage: For eradicating the miasmatic background in chronic cases.
  6. Sequelae of Acute Infection: For antidoting complications or sequelae of acute infectious diseases.
  7. N.B.W.S.: When the patient traces the whole disorder to a previous acute infectious illness, however remote.
  8. Lack of Reaction, Poor Vitality: When convalescence after an acute disease is unduly slow (due to lowered vitality), or there is tendency of relapse.
  9. Family or Past History (Anamnesis): When there is a family history or past history of diseases like tuberculosis, cancer etc. and as a result, the patient does not improve well on the indicated medicine.
  10. Prophylactic: For the prophylaxis of infectious diseases.
  11. For Initiating Movement of Symptoms: In cases where there are many histories of suppressions (physical, emotional, drugs, etc.), basing on the (a) miasmatic background, (b) past history, (c) family history, a nosode can be prescribed and it arranges, re-organises or brings forth the suppressed symptoms to the surface, therefore, many times their homoeopathic actions are centrifugal, from centre to periphery.
  12. Well Selected Remedies do not Respond: When the remedies apparently well chosen on a symptomatic basis, fail to achieve the adequate results, then a dose of nosode re-organises the symptoms and makes the picture clear.
  13. Begin or Finish the Case: My grandfather used to say, either start with a nosode or finish with a nosode.




H = Husky voice with bronchial asthma.

I = Incipient swelling, lymphatic or erysipelas.
Inveterate nasal catarrh with glandular enlargements.

P = Profuse expectoration (it seems that the old man would die of enormous catarrhal obstruction).

P = Pus formation and swelling of all the glands of face and neck.

O = Offensive, acrid & excoriating, often bloody nasal discharge.


Rare Nosodes

C) Notes:

  1. Ulceration of nasal cartilages and bones.
  2. Ulceration in the frontal sinuses, pharynx & larynx.
  3. Noisy breathing, loud snoring, before fatal termination.
  4. Chronic ozaena.
  5. Tubercular diathesis.
  6. Ulcers have no disposition to heal.
  7. Bronchitis of old people.
  8. Potency of Choice: 30c, 200c, 1M.

D) Clinical Tips :

(i) An ancestral tip: Recurrent Chest Infections especially in old people with cough, cold and catarrh (+++), when patient appears to be drwoned in his/her own secretion [Antim. Tart of the old person], when your well selected remedies fails, try Hippozaenum.



Rare Nosodes


Acute cold with stuffed nose and sneezing (later stages of Dulcamara) who catches cold easily (recurrent Dulcamara states → stop the cycle with Oscilococcinum).



Rare Nosodes


Rare Nosodes


  1. Recently I have cured a case of anal fistula, with creamish-white putrid discharge of years standing, not healing to anything (even allopathic palliatives) though the bloodsugar was normal, and lastly I resorted to Staphylococcin 200c with miraculous result, simply keeping in mind that (i) the prolonged Staphylococcal infection is persisting in the fistula! (ii) Potency of Choice: - 200c, 1M, and 10M. (iii) Miasmatics: Psora (++), Sycosis (+), Syphilis (+++), Tubercular (++).
  2. An ancestral tip: Recurrent Staphylococcul Infections especially with lots of pus formation, when your well selected remedies fails, try Staphylococcin.
  3. Recurrent acne with pus formation, recurrent boils and fistulas etc.: when well selected medicine fails.



  1. Ailments after the history of Streptococcal infections.
  2. Anti-febrile actions.
  3. Blood dysentery (Bacillary type).
  4. Chorea.
  5. Chronic phase of serum sickness.
  6. Diphtheria.
  7. Measles.
  8. Rheumatism.
  9. Scarlet fever.
  10. Septic symptoms in infectious diseases.
  11. Tonsillitis.
  12. Vaccination: N.B.W.S.: especially rickety appearance & malnutrition.


Streptococcin is generally used for more acute cases; sudden onset.


(i) History of Rheumatic fever (ref. Dr. Tyler & Dr. Foubister): N.B.W.S. (Never Been Well Since). As rheumatic fever is caused by Streptococcus B-haemolyticus: thus in other words, never been well since Streptococcal infections. (ii) Strep-throat or sore throat which is characterized by streptococcal infection: this when the patient is either suffering from (a)recurrence of streptococcal infection or (b) N.B.W.S. streptococcal infection: e.g. bad-effects from such infection: Streptococcin in potency can be indicated. (iii) Streptococcin has some rheumatic symptoms indistinguishable from Rhus tox e.g. (a) worse in wet weather, (b) worse on beginning to move, (c) better from subsequent motion. (iv) For various ailments after tonsillectomy when the patient is pale, thin, dark below the eyes, no appetite, recurrent catching cold, thirstless: Streptococcin in such cases becomes a wonderful remedy; tonsillectomy: N.B.W.S. (v) Acute bacillary dysentery with haemorrhage and high-rise of temperature with toxaemia. The more the blood, the better it is indicated like Mercury. But there is no tenesmus or urinary complications of Mercurius, in Streptococcin. (vi) In the sequelae of pneumonia: when Sulphur fails, Streptococcin can be thought of. (vii) Tonsillitis followed by chorea, even rheumatism with a history of rheumatic heart disease in childhood calls for Streptococcin. (viii) Chronic phase of serum sickness; bad effects of serums like A.D.S (Anti-Diphtheric Serum); N.B.W.S. (ix) Streptococcin also has a few symptoms similar to Pulsatilla, like weepy, consolation aggravates, better in open air. (x) In varieties of Streptococcal infections. (xi) In various types of haemorrhages especially from uterus, when the indicated remedy fails. (xii) High rise of temperature with tachycardia. Streptococcin is also successful in controlling the febrile convulsion especially in young kids with high temperature. (xiii) Severe throat pain with inflammation, but without pus. Associated with constitutional symptoms like weakness, headache, body ache. (xiv) Strawberry tongue (white coated and raised papillae).


Rare Nosodes


Rare Nosodes


Rare Nosodes


(a) Aggravation from consolation, from first motion, in wet weather. (b) Amelioration in open air, during continued motion.


  1. Ancestral Tips :- Streptococcin 200 or 1M (according to the constitution and susceptibility) have the power to control the high rise of temperature and prevent febrile convulsion in children (also compare with Acetanilidum).
  2. Constitutional dyscrasia: (a) Fair, slender, oversensitive with low resistance to cold; (b) Tendency to lymphoid-tissue hypertrophy; (c) Tendency to develop unhealthy dry skin eruptions; (d) Tendency of recurrent bilious attacks; (e) Tubercular diathesis; (f) Disseminated sclerosis after suppression of tonsilities; (g) Hypertrophy of the glands.
  3. Potency of Choice: - 200c, 1M, 10M,
  4. Miasmatics: Psora (++), Sycosis (+), Syphilis (++), Tubercular (+++).

An ancestral tip: Recurrent Streptococcul Infections especially strep throat; past history of rheumatic fever, when your well selected remedies fails, try Streptococcin.


Recurrent Streptococcul infections (e.g. recurrent sore throat with infection and presence of Streptococcus ß - haemolyticus): to stop the vicious cycle. Also palpitation and cyanosis with a past history of rheumatic heart disease: Streptococcin improves the distress.


Rare Nosodes


  1. ACCORDING TO SYMPTOMATIC SIMILARITY : By virtue of symptom similarity between the patient's picture and the nosode picture. As has already been mentioned, the materia medica of these nosode-remedies has been built up by carefully observing the symptoms exhibited by thousands of patients, in whom each type of organism was found in the stool.
  2. WHEN INDICATED REMEDY FAILS: In a case where the apparently indicated remedy fails to act, in such a case the corresponding nosode can be prescribed, e.g., Morgan (Bach) for Sulphur, Gaertner for Phosphorus and so on. The corresponding (related) nosode for each remedy can be looked up from the table given at the end of this paper. Some authors are of the opinion that it can be used after a). N.B.W.S lots of infections and antibiotics b). N.B.W.S gastro-enteritis.
  3. WHEN COLLECTIVELY SYMPTOMS OF MANY REMEDIES PRESENT: In a case where several drugs seem indicated, but none of them clearly or outstandingly; a nosode can be selected which is related to the majority of these drugs. For instance if a patient exhibits symptoms of Sulphur, Calc carb., Natrum carb., Sepia and Natrum Mur, but none of the drugs is clearly or outstandingly indicated so that it can be considered as the similimum, we can prescribe for him Morgan (Bach).
  4. WHEN THE PATIENT HAS IMPROVED BUT THEN STANDSTILL : In an old case where several remedies have helped, but none has been able to cure the patient, we can select the nosode which is related to the majority of drugs in which a patient has responded well. If the patient has shown a good reaction to Anacardium, Argentum nit, Ars. Alb. and Kalmia then he can be given Dys Co (Bach).
  5. FOR ORGANISING THE SYMPTOM PICTURE INTO ORDER: After the administration of the appropriate nosode, there may be either an amelioration of the symptoms or the symptom picture, if vague or confusing, may clear up and give a clear indication for some remedy. Alternately, there may be no apparent change in the patient, but if the nosode had been well selected and has acted, the patient will now, i.e., hereafter respond much better to a dose of the original remedy, which had been indicated but not acted well.
  6. INTERCURRENT ACTION OF BOWEL NOSODE : If a patient has received Sycotic Co in high potency for arthritis, he may feel well in the joint pains on Rhus tox.




G = Great sensitiveness to all impressions. A = Artificially fed baby’s inability to digest fat: intestinal infantilism. E = Early month's emaciation. R = Reactive (overactive) brain with undernourished body. T = Threadworms. N = Nutrition impaired: defective assimilation. E = Effacious in endocrinal disorders. R = Reaction lack: lack of vital reaction; lack of initiation.


Malnutrition is the keynote of Gaertner.


Gaertner is the combination of the drug-pictures of Phosphorus, Silicea and Merc vivus.


Bowel Nosodes



M = Marked congestion all over. O = Outstanding remedy for infantile eczema. R = Repeated attacks of broncho-pneumonia in children. G = Gagging as soon as rising. A = Anxious, apprehensive & averse to company. N = Nausea & vomiting with bilious attacks, esp. in menopausal women.


Congestion is the keynote of Morgan. It has, (i) congestive headaches, (ii) congestion of the gastric mucosa, (iii) congestive liver resulting bilious attacks, (iv) congestion in the mucus membrane, (v) congestive dysmenorrhoeas, (vi) congestion of the portal circulation, resulting haemorrhoids.


(a) Morgan-Pure (Paterson) : is indicated when the skin or liver symptoms predominate. (b) Morgan-Gaertner (Paterson) : is indicated in acute inflammatory attacks esp. of gastro-biliary origin viz., cholecystitis or of renal origin viz., renal colic with 4 PM - 8 PM aggravation and closely related to Lycopodium.


(i) Sulphur, Calcarea Carbonica and Lycopodium are closely related to Morgan (Bach) and its proto-types. (ii) In this group two elements are outstanding, i.e., Sulphur and Carbon. In this group also there are complex remedies from the plant world, e.g. Lycopodium and from the venom of a snake, i.e. Lachesis. (Ref. THE BOWEL NOSODES by John Paterson, page no.18). (iii) MORGAN (Bach) : mixed miasmatic : syco-psoric preponderance.


(i) Physical Theme:

Bowel Nosodes

(ii) Mental Essence:

Bowel Nosodes


Bowel Nosodes



Bowel Nosodes

  1. If it’s an (a) one-sided case with predominant skin manifestation, (b) blocked with no apparent clear modalities and (c) h/o suppressions → Morgan Pure (Paterson).
  2. If it’s an (a) one-sided case with predominant G.I manifestations, (b) no clear modalities → Morgan Gaertner (Paterson).
  3. Congestion in the base of lungs of old people → Morgan (Bach) clears up.


Similarities between Morgan (Bach) & Sulphur

Morgan Sulphur
Skin: Congestion of portal circulation, itching eruptions < heat of bed. Dry skin. Chronic eczema anywhere. Tendency to varicose veins. Skin: Congestion of circulation causing local burning. Itching eruptions < for heat of bed. Dry skin. Eruptions almost of every kind Varicose veins, which ulcerate rupture & bleed.
Mental: Irritable & depressed, anxiety about health. Mental: Irritable & depressed, anxiety about health.
Head: Congestive headache with flushed face. Vertigo from high blood pressure. Head: Headache burning on vertex. Vertigo < stooping.
Mouth: Accumulation of mucus. Mouth: Saliva profuse with nauseous taste.
Respiratory: Congestion of lungs resulting pneumonia. Respiratory: Pneumonia (neglected).
Rectum: Haemorrhoids. Rectum: Haemorrhoids, oozing & belching.
Extremities: Arthritic conditions of knee & phalangeal joints. Extremities: Stiffness of knees & ankles & rheumatic gout.
Menses: Congestive headache with menses. Menses: Proceeded by headache
Miasm: Morgan = mixed miasmatic with sycotic/psoric preponderance. Miasm: Sulphur = psora+++, sycosis+, syphilis++, tubercular++.


Congestion of skin and lungs. Dry, congested skin associated with asthma especially in children.

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