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Case of Polycystic Ovarian Disease treated with Nux Vomica

Sep 04, 2020 | Case Presentations, | by Dr. Kavita Chandak,


Prof. Dr. Kavita R. Chandak
BHMS, PGNIH, PG (HOM) London, MD [HOM] P. Hd(France)
Sr. Prof. Department of Repertory, P.D. Jain Homeopathic Medical College, Parbhani

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Dr Kavita discusses a case of a 20 year old girl suffering from PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease). She was prescribed Nux vomica on her constitution and miasmatic background.


There are many disorders that may impact the ability for a woman to ovulate normally. One of the most common is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This disease is very common in girls between the ages of 14-16 years.

The associated symptoms are

Weight gain, pimples, hair growth on face and irregular menses. PCOS is one of the major causes of infertility. It causes hormonal imbalance in female hormones and hence the level of male hormone increases in the female body. Ovulation gets disturbed which causes irregular menses, scanty or profuse flow and infertility.

Let us discuss a case first...


A woman of 20 visited me in November 2017 for PCOS. She had profuse, long lasting painful menses with frequent contractions in uterus. Sometimes menses appear only in 15-16 days. She suffered vaginal discharge for a long period after menses.

Her mother said – 'She does not like to mix or talk with everyone. She spends her time more with her laptop, playing games or watching movies and making her room. She cannot rest till things are in their proper place. Nobody can touch her belongings without her permission. She is self-willed and cannot endure the slightest contradiction. She wakes late in the morning and then sits up in the toilet for a long time. She has unsatisfied stool and sometimes has to go 2-3 times in morning. She cannot adjust to a relative's place as she wants everything as per her comfort. She loves branded clothes, perfumes and watches. She gets offended easily. She blames others easily but never accepts her mistakes. She cannot say she's sorry. She loves perfectly prepared food with very tempting fragrances. She suffers from cold frequently; she is sensitive to cold weather.'

PCOD Sonography Report

Finding: Poly Cystic Ovaries

Rubrics considered were:

PCOD Sonography Report

Prescription- Nux Vomica 200 one aqua dose prescribed on 5th November, 2017 as per her present symptomatology followed by sac lac for 30 days.

Comments on selection of remedy

In this case Nuxvom was not selected just because it stood first in repertorization. The base of selection was her behaviour as well as the complaint of leucorrhoea for a long time after menses. Here I considered the mental and physical totality and selected Nux Vomica as her constitutional remedy.

Miasmatic background– Usually PCOD falls under the Sycotic miasm but may differ as per individual diathesis. Nux Vomica is a multimiasmatic remedy covering all the miasms.

Follow ups

|----|----|----| |December 2017 | Menses appeared in the span of 20 days; painful and followed by leucorrhoea; temperament was same. | Nux Vomica 200 one aqua dose | |January 2018| Menses appeared in span of 28 days but again painful and followed by leucorrhoea. Temperament a little better| Sac lac| |February 2018| Menses appeared in span of 28 days; no complaint of pain and no leucorrhoea was there after menses.| Sac lac| |12th march 2018| She suffered extreme pain in lower abdomen with profuse vaginal discharge, hence an ultra sound suggested.| Placebo given|

Report shows:

PCOD Sonography Report Second

This is the result in just 5 months with Homeopathic treatment!

About Nux Vomica: There is a myth that it is just a male remedy same as about Pulsatilla and Sepia being female remedies. We must think out of the box now. Every remedy in homeopathy and especially polychrest remedies cover all the genders as they have impact on all organs of the body including the mind.

Nux women are rare, but they do exist. Most Nux women become careerists, and excel in their chosen fields. The Nux woman is decidedly more masculine than most, and has little time for frivolities like gossiping and reading women's magazines. Like the Nux man, she is usually very concerned with establishing her power-base. Those Nux women who do not have a career often become bitter and frustrated, and turn their attention to manipulating whatever power they can from their associates and family. Nux people of both sexes are born to lead, and do not do well when they are denied the chance. The Nux woman may become angry when criticised, but her anger is not mixed with fear, and like her male counterpart, she will either ignore her opponent, or crush him. Nux women have extreme determination!

Any remedy covering the totality of symptoms thoroughly can be prescribed! It is said that a homeopath must know his patient physically, mentally, emotionally, functionally, spiritually as well socially. When all the dimensions of a patient are covered the well selected remedy may help any disorder.

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