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Impact of Covid -19 Lockdown on Children and Its Homoeopathic Approach

Sep 04, 2020 | Materia Medica, | by Dr. Nutan Pandey,


Dr. Nutan Pandey M.D., B.H.M.S Director of Chaitanya Homoeopathic Healthcare Foundation

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Editor's Note

This paper discusses the mental trauma children are going through during the Lockdown phase of COVID-19 pandemic. No outings, no games, no school, restricted living in their houses with all the negative vibes from those around can be pretty depressing for them. Here Dr. Nootan explains how through homeopathy we can help our children meet out anxiety and fear associated with the pandemic.


It's no secret that the world is straining under the weight of COVID-19 pandemic. Virtually every group of society has been affected during this lockdown, either it may be physically or mentally. The impact of the virus and lockdown is clearly visible to mental health of whole family. In January 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of a new corona virus disease or COVID-19, to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, which was later characterized to be Pandemic in March 2020.

The Corona virus or COVID-19 is likely to affect people from many countries, in many geographical locations. The issue facing each and every one of us is how we manage and react to the stressful situation unfolding so rapidly in our lives and communities Almost one in four children living under COVID-19 lockdowns, social restrictions and school closures are dealing with feelings of anxiety, with many at risk of lasting psychological distress, including depression During such stressful situations, the concerned government, hospitals, educational institutions, organizations, and even individuals need to look into psychological intervention and adopt necessary measures. In addition to educating individuals to stay isolated, it is vital to educate and prepare them to face the mental health issues they may endure during the period.


The feelings of helplessness, loneliness and fear of being socially excluded, stigmatized or separated from loved ones are common in case of any epidemic, while prolonged stress, boredom and social isolation, as well as a lack of outdoor plays can lead to a higher number of mental health conditions in children such as anxiety and even depression. Generally, a different age groups child reflects with different symptoms depending upon the constitution and nature of the child. Commonly, manifestations are:

  • Anxiety / Restlessness
  • Loneliness
  • Fear
  • Lack of concentration/ low motivated/ state of distraction
  • Laziness
  • Loss of appetite/ change in eating habits
  • Anger / Irritability
  • Depression / Stress
  • Insomnia


Homoeopathy can significantly reduce symptoms of mental disorder reflecting complaints such as anxiety, fear, depression, lack of concentration etc. According to this science, “Health is that balanced condition of the living organism in which the integral, harmonious performance of the vital functions tends to the preservation of the organism and the normal development of the individual” Since, homoeopathy is the medicine of individualization all that is related to individual must be known. Symptoms are expressed in the mind as well as in the body & every individual has a different way of expression these depending upon the constitution, nature & habits as a whole.

Here, some homoeopathic medicines will be helpful for children suffering from mental anxiety and fear in this COVID-19 lockdown:

Aconitum Napellus- Indicated for intense, sudden anxiety, panic, or fear. Post traumatic panic. Panic including with dryness of skin, dry mouth, and fast heartbeat.

Arsenicum album: Indicated for mentally and physically restlessness, changes place continuously, health & cleaning conscious , fear of infectious disease and confusion.

Argentum nitricum: For people who are restless, nervousness, time passes too slowly, anxiety about the future, coming in front of the public, impulsive, always in hurry, nervousness associated with diarrhea and tremor.

Bryonia alba: Business minded persons, doesn't sacrifice his income during the quarantine, try make money during the crisis, irritable

Chincona officinalis: Person who are apathetic, idea crowd in mind preventing sleep, disobedient, harmfull

Calcarea carbonica: Apprehensive persons with fears misfortune, contagious disease, anxiety with palpitation, obstinate, averse to work or exertion.

Kali phophoricum:Vulnerable to stress or becoming overwhelmed. Their anxiety stems from having too much to do or ambitions that are daunting. Lack of confidence and concentration.

Sulphur: Busy all the time, creating strange ideas for preventions like making mask, tissue paper, sanitizers or any new inventions. Anxiety about health matters. Self-centered, opinionated, critical, pedantic, egotistical

Lachesis mutus: For person who are great loquacity –talkative, no desire to mix with the world, suspicious, and religious insanity.

Lycopodium clavatum: Afraid to be alone, little things annoy, aversion to undertake new things or to see anything new constant fear of breaking down under stress, apprehensive. Sadness in morning after waking.lack of confidence

Natrium muriaticum: Ill effects of grief, fright and anger. Depressed particularly in chronic disease. Consolation aggravates his mental symptoms, awkward, want to be alone to cry.

Nux vomica: For person who are very irritable, sensitive to all impressions, cannot bear noises. Easily gets disturbed at triffle matters

Pulsatilla pratensis: For person who weeps easily, sympathetic to others suffering. Fears being alone. Morbid dread of opposite sex especially found in female.

Ignatia amara: Brood, panicking, changeable mood, not communicative, sighing and sobbing, ill effects of shock grief, and disappointment.

Veratrum album: Delusions of impending misfortune, shrieks and curses. Attacks of pain with delirium driving the patient to madness, howling at night. 10.

Stramonium: Persons indicated with anxiety that also includes night terrors, nightmares, or dark thoughts while awake. Scared of the darkness or being alone and are especially scared by thoughts of monsters or mysterious figures.

Some more medicines indicated in such mental conditions are: Kali arsenicosum, Gelsemium, Phosphorus, Silicea, Belladonna, Hyoscyamus niger etc.

These medicines effectively work in cases of mental anxiety and fear when given on the basis of individualization. However, it is recommended that one should seek a Homoeopathic Practitioner for better help and counselling.


Other than medicines certain alternative interventions are found to give better results.

DIET: Balance diet containing adquete amount of vitamins- A, C, D, E, and B vitamin, minerals,antioxidants, encouraging immunity drinks etc

BUILD HEALTHY RELATION: Physical distance is important during this condition but not mental distancing. This is rather one of the best times to be connected to those to whom you have lost touch with. Connecting your child with each other such as other family members, relatives, companions/ classmates, friends by means of phone/ video calling/ social media may be virtual by sharing thoughts, feeling whole with lots of gossips may bring the stress to an end.

MAINTAIN A ROUTINE: Timely healthy eating, studying,s leeping is to maintained.

EXERCISE: Ensure some part of the time for exercise such as cycling, skipping, yoga, dancing especially during morning time. POSITIVE VIBES: Sharing the good / pleasant feelings which will motivate your child, spend quality time discussing about happy and exciting phase of your life. Disconnect yourself with social media bringing negative impact in mind.

INDOOR GAMES: Encourage child for indoor games such as Ludo, Carrom , Chess, Hide & seek, musical chair, puzzle- game, treasure hunt dumb charades etc.

HELPING HANDS: There are many people who are deprived of basics needs, initiate and encourage your child to help those peoples.

CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Get creative-focus on the hidden artist in the child. Encourage them for DIY (Do-it-yourself), drawing, singing, playing instruments.

EXPLORE NEW THINGS: This is time where you and your child can explore new activities, skills in cooking, drawing/painting, reading, story/poem writing, technology savvy, gardening, stitching etc.

CULTURAL & TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE: Parent can share the culture and traditional of their respective family to the children. Mythological or historical stories can be shared to them during this lockdown.

AVOID FAKE NEWS: Much fake news may affect our mind, so ensure that your child does not come across such news. Minimize watching, reading or listening to news about COVID-19 that causes you to feel anxious or distressed; seek information only from trusted sources and websites.

MUSIC: Listen and sing old melodies song or any type soothing to your ears.

Apart from the present state, it is therefore every important for each and every family member to understand the unexpressed mental condition of child and give full co-operation both physically and mental. Thus, child should be engaged through out the day in any of different activities so that they are busy entirely.


Mental health is a crucial aspect that needs to be addressed during this lock-down as all modes of communication revolve around the virus. Although every single citizen needs to contribute to this war against the virus by performing all the necessary measures, especially social distancing, general hygiene and respiratory etiquette. Attending to the developmental and psychological well-being of each and every child before, during, and after lockdowns can help minimize the potential for unintended harm. One thing is for sure. COVID-19 will change our lives forever. The lockdown and isolation could be a prelude to what the future holds. Thus the condition may be unprecedented, but spirit to overcome the situation is to be strong & determinant.

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